Groupe PSA

  • Contract developments

    News » Gefco edges nearer flotation

    December 5th 2018 Gefco has reaffirmed it is looking to make a public offering on the Euronext Paris stock exchange in 2019. Russian Railways, which has a majority stake in the transport and logistics provider, said it was considering a partial reduction of its 75% stake to below 50%. Gefco’s former owner and partial stakeholder Groupe PSA, will […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » PSA buys shares in China’s UAP

    December 4th 2018 Carmaker Groupe PSA has purchased a stake in Chinese spare parts supplier UAP, based in Shandong province, as part of the French group’s expansion in China strategy. The latest acquisition is a first step and could lead to a greater interest in UAP, with several steps defined to increase PSA’s participation, a group spokeswoman told Automotive […]
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  • Contract news

    News » Opel tasks Gefco with further cost reduction

    October 24th 2018 Opel/Vauxhall has renewed its fourth-party logistics (4PL) contract with Gefco for a further four years, starting in January, tasking it with finding further cost reduction measures and intensifying its optimisation and network engineering activities. Gefco’s 4PL Solutions division provides services for Opel/Vauxhall across Europe and Turkey, including the management of 220 separate logistics providers (140 […]
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  • Autonomous vehicles

    News » PSA trials driverless tractor for inbound at Sochaux

    September 26th 2018 Groupe PSA is trialling an autonomous tow tractor at its Sochaux car plant in eastern France. The aim, of what the company describes as a world first in the manufacturing sector, is to improve operational flexibility in getting parts to the assembly line. Following successful trials conducted in May, a connected road will be built […]
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  • Supply chain disruption

    News » Gearbox shortage halts Peugeot assembly

    September 4th 2018 Production of the Peugeot 308  was halted for a second day at the French carmaker’s Sochaux plant in eastern France last week due to a shortage of gearboxes. Taking potential orders into account, the best solution was to temporarily halt the compact car’s assembly at the plant, a company spokesperson said. [mpu_ad]Though the production of the new […]
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  • Trade relations

    News » Trump stamps on Iran’s automotive revival

    June 20th 2018 When Iran reached agreement with the global community in 2015 regarding denuclearisation, resulting in the lifting of sanctions in early 2016, almost immediately Renault and PSA announced their return to the country. Prior to Iran being ostracised, both companies had been active there via joint venture (JV) manufacturing operations, mostly making models no longer produced […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » PSA to raise European SUV output

    June 6th 2018 Groupe PSA is to increase output of its SUV range across Europe this year “using all its available resources and assets” to meet market demand. The company said the initiative would be supported “by appropriate investments” with an emphasis on inbound logistics to enable each plant to deliver high output. The drive gets underway with […]
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  • Government policy

    News » PSA suspends joint venture activity in Iran

    June 6th 2018 French carmaker Groupe PSA has said this week that it is suspending all joint venture activity in Iran, following the withdrawal of the US government from the Iran nuclear deal, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The JCPOA was signed on July 14 2015 between Iran, the five permanent members of […]
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  • Mergers and acquisitions

    News » PSA Group to sell remaining stake in Gefco

    March 28th 2018 French carmaker PSA Group, which owns Peugeot, Citroën and Opel/Vauxhall, has said it will sell its remaining 25% stake in Gefco, its former logistics subsidiary. The carmaker said in a statement that “Gefco’s operational performance and the diversification of its client portfolio no longer [make] it necessary for [PSA Group] to have a minority stake […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » PSA to move engine production closer to assembly plants

    March 27th 2018 French carmaker PSA Group is to reorganise operations across Europe to boost regional competitiveness by improving the performance of its powertrain plants. Some production will be transferred from Asia in line with company plans to make components as close as possible to its car plants, thus cutting supply times and logistics costs. The actions will also prepare […]
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