• Rail freight

    News » Hyundai abandons trial moving vehicles by rail

    December 12th 2018 Hyundai Motor India (HMIL) has decided not to pursue a recent pilot scheme to despatch finished vehicles to Chennai port by rail. Both the manufacturer and the port trust announced that Hyundai had sent 102 cars to the port by rail on November 27, with a further 125 cars the following day. These were stored […]
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  • Rail transport

    News » Mercedes-Benz takes to rail to move cars to China

    December 5th 2018 Russia’s railway monopoly RZD has delivered the first batch of finished Mercedes-Benz vehicles from Bremerhaven, in Germany, to Chongqing in China. The new route, which is informally referred to as the new Silk Road, has already proved a viable alternative to ocean shipping vehicles from Europe to China, which takes up to 60 days. There were […]
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  • Road transport

    News » Ceva trials truck route from China to Europe

    December 4th 2018 Ceva Logistics has sent what it says is the first-ever TIR truck from Khorgos, in the far west of China, to Europe via Kazakhstan. “The trial proves that the TIR carnet issued in China is accepted in the transit countries en route to Europe,” said Torben Bengtsson, executive vice-president of Ceva Logistics Greater China. Though automotive parts […]
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  • International trade

    News » Russia continues to increase finished vehicle imports

    November 28th 2018 Russia imported 212,400 finished vehicles from January to November of 2018, which is an increase of 15.8% compared to the same period of last year, Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS) estimated. The overall value of finished vehicles imports during that period reached $5.2 billion, FCS added. Almost 33% of passenger cars are being imported into […]
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  • Country focus: Brazil

    Intelligence » Shifting gear

    November 26th 2018 Brazilian vehicle sales have been gathering pace recently, as the country tentatively recovers from its long recession. Light vehicle sales have shown some growth, while bus and truck sales have positively motored ahead. Vehicle sales this year, however, have been tarnished somewhat by stalling exports – especially to Argentina, which is the largest foreign purchaser of […]
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  • Multimodal services

    News » Kerry launches new route from Lanzhou to Islamabad

    November 20th 2018 Kerry Logistics has launched a multimodal freight service combining road and rail between Lanzhou, China, and Islamabad, Pakistan. The initial service took goods including automotive parts, commodities and mechanical equipment on a 4,500km route that began with a block train before switching to truck. It took 13 days, saving 15 days on the conventional ocean […]
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  • European rail freight

    Intelligence » Chugging or changing?

    November 19th 2018 Demand for rail transport is growing faster than service providers can keep up with, according to Siegfried Jung, head of planning and steering vehicle dispatch and transport at BMW Group. Jung says that increased demand for rail transport, from both public and industrial sectors, currently exceeds capacity. Rail infrastructure expansion measures, he points out, “require […]
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  • People moves

    News » Seguin takes over global freight forwarding at UPS

    November 12th 2018 Romaine Seguin (pictured) has become president of Global Freight Forwarding at packaging delivery and supply chain management company, UPS. She moves from her role as president of the UPS Americas Region, where she was responsible for all UPS package and cargo operations in Canada and more than 50 countries and territories, as well as the […]
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  • OEM focus

    Intelligence » Bigger vehicles, bigger challenges

    November 2nd 2018 Last year, GM sold around 3m vehicles in the US, with roughly 775,000 imported from Canada and Mexico and the rest coming from around the world, mainly from South Korea, China and Europe. Combining deep-sea and short-sea volumes, the carmaker used seaports to receive close to 200,000 vehicles into the US, and it exported around […]
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  • Rail freight

    News » Seat renews rail deal at Martorell

    October 30th 2018 Spanish carmaker Seat has signed a new, three-year contract with Autometro to transport vehicles by rail from its Martorell plant to the port of Barcelona for export. Operating since 2008, the service run by Catalonia’s regional railway FGC transports an average of 105,000 vehicles a year. Under the renewed contract, several technical studies will be […]
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