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OEM / Tier 1

Inbound & parts


  • Information technology

    George Whittier



    How industry 4.0 will disrupt automotive supply chains

    From Henry Ford’s assembly line to the emergence of electric cars decades later, the automotive industry has always been defined …

  • Supply chain planning

    Carlos Valderrama

    Senior VP of global customer success


    Economic nationalism to force a lane-change

    Typically, the world experiences waves of economic nationalism every three decades but these are often limited to one region each …

  • Government policy

    Peter Ward


    Warehousing Association

    Stockpiling strategies to survive Brexit

    The prospect of Brexit in just a few months, deal or no deal, has focused minds on the inevitable consequence …

  • Shipping developments

    Niklas Carlen

    Research Director

    Maritime Strategies International

    Favouring freight rate recovery over fleet expansion

    Following a four-year splurge in newbuilding contracting that culminated in more than 300,000 Car Equivalent Units (CEU) being ordered in …

  • Government policy

    Nick Turner

    Regional vice president


    Bordering on Brexit – why it pays to be prepared

    The Eurotunnel has carried more than 26 million trucks and more than 340 million tonnes of freight goods since 1994. A …

  • Government policy

    Olivia Bridge

    Specialist content writer and political correspondent

    Immigration Advice Service

    EU workers are key: don’t close the UK’s door

    According to the Department for Transport’s official statistics, more goods were imported by road into the UK than exported last …

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