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OEM / Tier 1

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  • Trade dispute

    Matt Grimwade

    senior partner and head of automotive

    JLT Speciality

    Don’t hope for a trade war truce

    Escalating trade wars look set to be the new risk frontier in the automotive supply chain. With countries and trading …

  • International trade

    Mohit Paul


    BluJay Solutions

    Deal or no deal – LSPs should prepare for Brexit now

    Logistics providers reading the headlines about Brexit may well feel uncertain about how their business needs to transform. A range …

  • Emissions and environment

    Brad Brennan

    managing director

    Evolution Time Critical

    WLTP: lower emissions, greater challenges

    Emissions targets for OEMs are tighter and the method for testing efficiency is more stringent than ever before. As of …

  • Driving digitalisation

    Nick Parker



    Digitalising the automotive supply chain

    Digitalisation of the automotive industry is a topic that has been high up on most OEM and tier one supplier …

  • Collaborative working

    Christopher Ludwig

    Content Director

    Ultima Media

    Keeping up with the pace of change

    The automotive industry used to be thought of as slow moving. Until fairly recently, it was not much of a …

  • Tracking technology

    Dagny Dukach

    Marketing Manager


    Bringing the IoT to the automotive supply chain

    Since Toyota first pioneered its innovative Lean production system in the 1930s, the automotive industry has been a trailblazer in …

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