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  • International trade

    News » Automotive industry condemns tariff ‘secrecy’

    February 20th 2019 Automotive sector bodies from the US and overseas have rounded on the US Department of Commerce for not giving them access to its report for Donald Trump about possible duties on imports of automotive goods. Trump requested the report in May last year as part of a Section 232 investigation, which authorises the president to […]
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  • Trade relations

    News » Auto sector wins out in EU-Japan trade deal

    February 4th 2019 The automotive industry has secured special terms in the EU-Japan free trade agreement (FTA) that came into effect on February 1. To address specific sensitivities in the 28-member trading bloc, the EU said motor vehicle tariffs would be lowered in stages during a seven-year transition period,  before being eliminated. The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement also removes several […]
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  • International trade

    News » ACEA warns of EU steel import tariffs

    January 22nd 2019 European Union (EU) measures to protect the steel industry “pose a real risk” to the competitiveness of the region’s car sector, according to Erik Jonnaert, secretary-general of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). A total of 26 categories of steel from all countries will be limited to a quota, based on the average of imports […]
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  • Market trends

    News » Turkey forecast to build on export gains

    January 9th 2019 In a statement released by Turkey’s automotive export association – the OİB –  chief executive Baran Çelik estimates that the Turkish automotive industry will export cars and components worth in excess of $32 billion in 2019. That is a slight increase on the $31.6 billion of products exported in 2018. “Last year, we achieved an […]
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  • International trade

    News » ACEA and CLEPA highlight dangers of ‘no-deal’ Brexit

    October 19th 2018 Europe’s OEMs and tier suppliers have issued a stark warning at the Brexit summit in Brussels this week about the potentially far-reaching impacts of the UK leaving Europe without a deal in place. Drawing attention to the fact that more than 1,000 EU trucks cross the Channel to deliver to car and engine plants in […]
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  • WLTP regulations

    Intelligence » Testing times

    October 16th 2018 The start of September this year marked the point at which all new car registrations in the EU had to comply with the new CO2 emissions test – the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). This laboratory test is designed to introduce more realistic and stricter criteria when assessing CO2 emissions, including higher average and […]
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  • Emissions and environment

    Opinion » WLTP: lower emissions, greater challenges

    September 6th 2018 Emissions targets for OEMs are tighter and the method for testing efficiency is more stringent than ever before. As of the start of this month (September), all new vehicles must adhere to New Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) standards, which provide  ‘real world’ fuel consumption figures and, therefore, make existing emissions targets more […]
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  • International trade

    News » ACEA warns of assembly line stoppages after Brexit

    March 21st 2018 Whole production lines could come to halt in the automotive industry, if customs checks are introduced after Britain leaves the EU, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has warned. The sector body issued its warning ahead of a summit on March 22nd at which EU leaders (minus the UK), are expected to approve the European […]
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  • Trade agreements

    News » EU-Japan trade deal dubbed a ‘positive signal’ for automotive sector

    July 12th 2017 An economic partnership agreed in principle between EU and Japan that would see duties removed on a large amount of goods traded between two regions has been welcomed by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). Significantly, the agreement – which covers goods accounting for a third of global GDP – has attempted to address some of the concerns […]
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  • Autonomous vehicles

    News » EU truckmakers set out roadmap for platooning

    May 10th 2017 European truck manufacturer body ACEA has provided a roadmap for EU-wide truck platooning calling for a wide range of regulatory change as well as upgrades to EU roads. Speaking at the European Parliament on May 9th, Erik Jonnaert, secretary general of ACEA, said the roadmap provided an overview of the steps required to implement multi-brand […]
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