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  • Trade relationships

    News » German automotive body warns on US trade tensions

    January 16th 2019 German sector association the VDA has warned that ongoing trade tensions between the US and Europe and, separately, the US and China should not be allowed to derail the mutually beneficial relationship its OEMs currently have with the North American country. The warning coincides with news that VW and Ford are to work together to develop new […]
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  • Country focus: Mexico

    News » Mexican car industry calls for action on fuel shortage

    January 16th 2019 Mexico’s new federal government has launched a radical strategy to combat the country’s long-term problem of fuel theft. However, this has led to fuel shortages in central regions, which have closed gas stations, and is now threatening the transport and logistics supporting the automotive sector. States including Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacan, Guanajuato and Queretaro have all reported […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » Honda to halt UK production during Brexit

    January 14th 2019 Japanese OEM Honda is to suspend production at its British plant for six days in April after the UK leaves the European Union on March 29. The decision follows an assessment of how best to prepare for any logistics and border problems following Brexit. “These contingency provisions have been put in place to best mitigate the […]
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  • People moves

    News » Storrs replaces Clarke at Ford of Europe

    January 11th 2019 Chris Storrs (pictured) has replaced Helen Clarke at Ford of Europe as finished vehicle logistics manager. Clarke, who was in the role for more than six years after taking over from Bert Bong, has moved to a new role in material planning and logistics for the carmaker. She is now responsible for product definition, program […]
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  • Autonomous vehicles

    News » Ford Otosan and AVL join forces on platooning

    January 8th 2019 The commercial vehicle arm of Ford’s joint venture in Turkey, Ford Otosan, has begun developing platooning technology for its trucks with Austrian research company AVL. The first phase of the project is due to be completed by June this year and will see Ford Otosan’s product development team work with AVL’s engineering teams in Istanbul […]
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  • Vehicle dealerships

    Intelligence » Dealing with change

    January 3rd 2019 In recent years, a number of shifts in the industry have begun to affect traditional dealership models, changing the types of relationships that exist between dealers, OEMs and customers. As OEMs move increasingly towards selling more vehicles directly to customers, there are growing indications of significant impacts for traditional dealers. There are also signs that […]
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  • Connected distribution

    Intelligence » Connecting the dots

    January 3rd 2019 Buy a new BMW, and it’s no surprise to find it stuffed with hi-tech telematics. Real-time traffic information, GPS navigation, automatic speed limit display, rear vision display, parking assistance, smartphone integration, intelligent diagnostics and status display – all of these and more are fast becoming part of the modern driving experience. As automotive logistics insiders […]
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  • International trade

    News » China to cut tariffs on US vehicle imports

    December 18th 2018 The Chinese government says it will suspend additional duties of 25% on US-made vehicles and automotive parts for three months starting January 1, amid signs China and the United States are de-escalating their trade dispute. “This is a good signal that [they] are on track to solve the trade war,” Wang Cun, director of the […]
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  • Rail freight

    News » Hyundai abandons trial moving vehicles by rail

    December 12th 2018 Hyundai Motor India (HMIL) has decided not to pursue a recent pilot scheme to despatch finished vehicles to Chennai port by rail. Both the manufacturer and the port trust announced that Hyundai had sent 102 cars to the port by rail on November 27, with a further 125 cars the following day. These were stored […]
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  • Port developments

    News » SCH to discharge Fords shipped into Liverpool

    November 20th 2018 Port and logistics services company SCH has signed a contract with Ford to discharge vehicles arriving at the port of Liverpool from the US and Europe. Full details of the contract remain confidential but SCH will unload and park vehicles delivered on shipments to the port twice a week. SCH said it would be taking […]
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