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Ford of Europe

  • People moves

    News » Storrs replaces Clarke at Ford of Europe

    January 11th 2019 Chris Storrs (pictured) has replaced Helen Clarke at Ford of Europe as finished vehicle logistics manager. Clarke, who was in the role for more than six years after taking over from Bert Bong, has moved to a new role in material planning and logistics for the carmaker. She is now responsible for product definition, program […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » Ford to close French transmission plant

    June 18th 2018 Ford has announced it will sell off its automatic transmission plant in France – Ford Aquitaine Industries (FAI) – in the face of a declining requirement for small automatic transmissions in Europe. According to the company, the plant has been underutilised for a number of years, no new products are planned and volumes of the […]
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  • OEM investment

    News » Ford to make second model in Craiova

    May 29th 2018 Ford is investing up to €200m ($235m) to manufacture a second vehicle at its Craiova assembly plant in Romania, saying the planned expenditure is a sign of the company’s trust in government promises to deliver key upgrades infrastructure and logistics improvements. “Ford has discussed with the government the key infrastructure projects that are most critical […]
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  • People moves

    News » Slaughter takes over in purchasing at Ford of Europe

    April 11th 2018 Sue Slaughter (pictured) has taken over as director of purchasing, and team value management (TVM) strategy and business development, at Ford of Europe, following the departure of Alan Draper, who has retired from the carmaker. Slaughter moves from her role as COO at Getrag Ford Transmissions, a division of the global transmission supplier and now […]
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