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  • Market strategy

    News » Uzavtosanoat to rename GM Uzbekistan and raise output

    February 12th 2019 Uzbekistan state-owned corporation Uzavtosanoat has confirmed it plans to rename GM Uzbekistan following the withdrawal of the US carmaker from the joint venture. It has not yet indicated what its new name will be. At a press conference in Tashkent on February 6, Aziz Shukurov, deputy chairman of the board of Uzavtosanoat, said the company would […]
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  • Joint ventures

    News » GM withdraws from JV with Uzbek government

    January 9th 2019 General Motors has sold off its remaining stake in the GM Uzbekistan joint venture to state-owned company Uzavtosanoat, which held the majority stake in the company. GM Uzbekistan makes Ravon and Chevrolet vehicles at its plant in Asaka. Uzavtosanoat held a 75% stake in the company from 2008 but increased that to 90% in May […]
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  • Vehicle distribution

    News » GM Uzbekistan streamlines its supply chain

    October 5th 2018 GM’s joint venture with the government of Uzbekistan – GM Uzbekistan –  is expected to make 220,000 vehicles this year, a 37% increase compared to 2017. The OEM has more than halved the delivery time of Cobalt and Malibu  vehicles – the two most popular models in the domestic market, the carmaker said in a […]
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  • Vehicle distribution

    News » GM Uzbekistan suspends vehicle sales over pricing

    August 21st 2018 GM Uzbekistan has suspended finished vehicle sales in Uzbekistan, after failing to carry through a price increase on the domestic market there. The move follows a similar suspension in Russia – its second biggest market after Uzbekistan – for more than two months on similar grounds. Speaking at a press conference back in late July, Shavkat Umurzakov, […]
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  • Mergers and acquisitions

    News » Uzbek government to buy GM’s stake in joint venture

    June 11th 2018 Uzbek state-owned vehicle-maker, UzAvtosanoat, is looking to buy GM’s remaining 10% stake in the joint venture it has with the US carmaker – GM Uzbekistan. The buyout is expected to be complete by the end of the year and follows UzAvtosanoat increasing its original 75% stake in the joint venture to 85% – though exactly […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » GM-Uzbekistan plans production in Kyrgyzstan and Russia

    January 23rd 2018 GM’s joint venture with the government of Uzbekistan has revealed plans to open assembly plants in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan and in Russia. Jahongir Tillaev, director of sales and service for GM-Uzbekistan, said the move would benefit both the company and its customers, as it would ultimately bring down the price of vehicles in the two markets. […]
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