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  • Supply chain planning

    Opinion » Economic nationalism to force a lane-change

    November 20th 2018 Typically, the world experiences waves of economic nationalism every three decades but these are often limited to one region each time. Today we’re experiencing a global wave of economic disruption across multiple regions simultaneously. In reaction, automotive manufacturers are having to increase the flexibility and agility of their supply chains – increasing pressure on suppliers […]
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  • Supply chain optimisation

    Intelligence » Seeking to harmonise supply and demand

    July 13th 2018 In May, supply chain specialist Kinaxis announced that Volvo Cars had chosen its software for work on volume forecasting and production planning. According to Kinaxis, the Swedish carmaker will use its RapidResponse software to model the impact of rising production volumes, as well as other ‘what-if?’ scenarios.  Accurate forecasting will be vital for Volvo as […]
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  • Supply chain optimisation

    Opinion » The secret to fine-tuning your supply chain

    December 12th 2017 ‘Disruption’ is a word we’re beginning to see a lot more of on global, political and industrial fronts and these all impact on the supply chain. In order to thrive, today’s automotive supply chains must be built on resilience and flexibility, as events tomorrow could have a direct impact on a manufacturer’s bottom line. Whether […]
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  • Vehicle technology

    Opinion » How autonomous vehicles will impact on the supply chain

    November 2nd 2017 There’s a huge buzz in Silicon Valley about electric engines, ride-hailing and driverless cars, with Uber, Tesla and Waymo all making waves. Morgan Stanley sees a major transformation taking place and recently predicted that Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous driving unit, could be valued at $70 billion by 2030. The big car manufacturers also see the opportunities […]
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