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  • In-plant logistics

    News » Škoda Scala production starts in Czech Republic

    February 19th 2019 The all-new Scala has started rolling off the assembly line at Škoda’s Mladá Boleslav plant, in the Czech Republic – the first model from the company based on parent Volkswagen Group’s MQB-A0 platform. Production of the Scala, which was designed and developed in Mladá Boleslav, involves certain components being produced in parallel with the vehicle […]
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  • Components sourcing

    News » Supply lines key to new Nissan plant in Algeria

    February 19th 2019 Nissan is looking to develop a components supply chain in Algeria to support the construction of its new car plant in the North African country with local partner Groupe Hasnaoui. “Using our Japanese engineering expertise, we will build a manufacturing hub and work to develop the supplier industry,” said Peyman Kargar (pictured), senior vice-president and […]
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  • Port operations

    News » Georgia’s ports extend their role for carmakers

    February 11th 2019 The linked ports of Brunswick and Savannah in Georgia, in the south-east US, are playing a growing role in the supply chain of North America’s leading vehicle manufacturers, delegates at the Georgia Foreign Trade Conference were told recently. Speaking at the event, Kia announced it was to start dispatching its new, eight-person Telluride SUV from […]
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  • Market development

    News » Volkswagen to establish business in Ethiopia

    February 5th 2019 German carmaker Volkswagen has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ethiopian government to establish its automotive business in the African country. The MoU has four goals: to set up a vehicle assembly plant, localise automotive components, introduce mobility concepts such as app-based car sharing and ride hailing, and open a training centre. For […]
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  • Corporate restructuring

    News » VW sets up new components division to drive efficiency

    January 28th 2019 Volkswagen has established a new division – Volkswagen Group Components – tasked with reducing costs by €2 billion ($2.27 billion) while improving efficiency and taking on board the increasing importance of electric vehicles. Thomas Schmall, chairman of the new division, said synergy effects would be realised more effectively through networking between factories and plant capacity […]
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  • Country focus: Poland

    Intelligence » Hanging in the balance

    January 21st 2019 Towards the end of last year, passenger car production in Poland looked like it was going to finish lower for the second consecutive year, after being affected by weak sales in the EU. The big questions now are whether the current downward trend will last and if new approaches in the outbound logistics segment can […]
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  • Trade relationships

    News » German automotive body warns on US trade tensions

    January 16th 2019 German sector association the VDA has warned that ongoing trade tensions between the US and Europe and, separately, the US and China should not be allowed to derail the mutually beneficial relationship its OEMs currently have with the North American country. The warning coincides with news that VW and Ford are to work together to develop new […]
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  • Industrial unrest

    News » Autoeuropa clears backlog after strike at Setúbal

    January 8th 2019 Frenzied activity took place in the second half of December at the Autoeuropa Terminal at the port of Setúbal, Portugal, to free a backlog of vehicles trapped there by a stevedores strike that was finally brought to an end after more than a month. Additional vessels were brought in to shift some 23,000 stranded finished […]
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  • International trade

    News » Ukraine sanctions risk Russian vehicle exports

    December 12th 2018 The growth in Russian vehicle exports during 2018 could be in jeopardy if a new bill to ban Russian vehicle imports is passed by the government in Ukraine, one of the biggest sales markets for Russian-made cars. According to figures from the Russian Federal Customs Service, in the first nine months of 2018, vehicle exports […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » Sovac starts assembling SKD kits for Audi in Algeria

    December 12th 2018 Audi has begun assembling vehicles at the Relizane plant run by its long-time Algerian partner, Sovac, from semi-knockdown (SKD) kits prepared at the OEM’s Ingolstadt plant in Germany. “[All models] are built at the main plant in Ingolstadt and transported to Barcelona, where they are knocked down into individual assembly groups for sea transport to […]
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