8-10 May 2017
Grand Hyatt Buckhead, Atlanta

Through Silicon Valley eyes

Look again at that ‘efficient’ supply chain

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Networking is at the heart of the event

Transport and logistics may have been largely under the radar for the cutting-edge innovators of Silicon Valley in recent years but inbound production and service parts supply chains are now coming increasingly into scope, as both large and small technology firms seek out new ways to address old problems and turn traditional supply chain thinking on its head in a bid to transform efficiency.

From autonomous robots on assembly lines and self-replenishing, internet-connected parts stores to more intelligent data sharing with suppliers and automated payment processing systems, the way today’s inbound supply chains function is already undergoing something of a technological revolution. And there is clearly much more to come.

Grasping the huge opportunity such innovations present and reconsidering how today’s efficiency levels can be boosted to new heights will be what shapes the most successful supply chains of tomorrow. As BMW’s senior vice-president of logistics, Jürgen Maidl, noted recently: “The use of innovative and digital technologies will become a key factor in our complex logistics processes. Some ideas might seem futuristic and many elements will come much later – however, many processes are already in place and gaining pace in our supply chain.”


Supply Chain Conference 2017 will be held at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead hotel, Atlanta

Making the most of this opportunity will be the theme at the heart of The Supply Chain Conference, taking place on May 8th-10th 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, where OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers will come together to discuss the best ways to take advantage and streamline inbound automotive logistics networks.

This year’s conference will be held at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead and will provide a unique opportunity to combine business with relaxation.

The single, all-inclusive delegate fee includes:

  • an invitation to the pre-conference drinks reception
  • access to all speaker presentations and Q&A sessions
  • networking lunch and coffee breaks
  • messaging, video and comment via the in-conference app
  • a seat at the glittering gala dinner
  • soft copies of speaker presentations to download after the event.

13254058_1020197261389771_8597195058931072140_nNow in its second year, The Supply Chain Conference has been very well received by senior figures involved in production and service parts logistics across North America.

“Some conferences focus on service parts while others focus on manufacturing. This is a must to tie them both together,” was how Ed Huante, corporate manager – parts center and procurement at Toyota, put it after the inaugural event last year. “Good conference with well-selected topics,” agreed Dr Mirko Hoppe of the transportation planning inbound overseas department at BMW. “A great chance to network and engage with experts in the logistics field,” commented Ron George, FCS

NA logistics manager at TI Automotive.“A first-class event, professionally produced, [with] quality attendees. Go!” added Glenn Carver, VP of business development at DeltaWing Technology Group.

Register via the link at the top of this page to join your peers, suppliers and competitors as they decide how best to position themselves for the exciting environment ahead in the North American automotive supply chain sector.

The conference is part of the worldwide Automotive Logistics series, which includes events in Mexico, EuropeChina, CaliforniaRussia, Detroit, Baltimore, the UKSouth America and India